The good news is - tomorrow is Election Day! Even better, aftertomorrow you can finally watch TV without being interrupted by campaign ads!

You and I both know what's at stake for the state of Maryland and how important it is to make our voices heard loud and clear. Simply put, the state of Maryland taxes and spends way too much, and is hurting hardworking families already struggling to make ends meet.

These policies are taxing longtime Marylanders right out of the state! I know this first hand. My own parents considered moving out of Maryland because of the high taxes. It's very troublesome to me that after working their entire lives, retirees are forced to leave behind their lifelong network of family and friends when they need them the most.

I am confident that Marylanders across the state believe these policies must end. That's why if given the opportunity to continue serving in Annapolis, I will do all that I can to reduce spending, roll back O'Malley's record tax increases, and fight to eliminate taxes on retirement income.

Thank you in advance for your support and your vote!

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