It is uniquely American to want an opportunity at a better life!

A growing economy, combined with hard work, persistence and lower taxes, are some of the ingredients to realizing a better life.

After more than 40 taxes, fees & tolls from Governor O'Malley, the people of Maryland had enough. So, they elected Larry Hogan as Governor in 2014.

Let's continue to renew the American Dream in Maryland.

Let's send people to Annapolis who will help Governor Hogan lower taxes and expand freedom!

60 Years!!!

Recently, my wife and I celebrated 30 years of marriage. In a few days, my parents, Robert and Rosemary, will celebrate 60 years of marriage. They are my inspiration for making a better life for my family and for yours.

Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more!

Thank You!

To everyone who attended and helped with this year's Oktoberfest Celebration, thank you! A fantastic time was had by all!

I wanted to specifically thank several people:

    • The Jones Family for their incredible food
    • Frank Plumer for the Polka music
    • Kim Wasson
    • And lastly, but certainly not least, my wife, Deena, for all of her help coordinating the event

Now, I ask for your help and your vote on November 6th!


Yours In Service,