The NFL rejected American Veterans (AMVETS) Super Bowl print ad. The advertisement (shown above) depicts the simple message: #PleaseStand.

An NFL spokesman said the league rejects advertising that is considered to be a "political statement."

Ironically, the NFL and ESPN have spent the last few years focusing on politics rather than sports. The NFL has engaged in shameful behavior that disgraces every American.

In response, AMVETS National Commander Marion Polk (above) said, "Freedom of speech works both ways."

Thank you for your service AMVETS!

Progressives Strike Again

The Progressive Democrats in Annapolis are teaming up to undermine the Federal Tax Reform Bill, continuing their 'War on the Middle Class'.

In 2014, Democrats passed a bill that coupled the Maryland and Federal Estate Taxes. The new Federal Tax Reform Bill increases the federal exemption and gives more money back to the people who earned it.

Progressives are trying to pass a bill that would take away those benefits. The intent of the bill is to continue the politics of envy. In other words, the bill demonizes success, with the practical effect of pushing Marylanders out of state.

Policy that encourages Marylanders to save, invest and retire in Maryland is good for the economy.


Yours In Service,