Buying Healthcare Insurance in the individual market is so expensive --- that monthly healthcare costs can be higher than mortgage payments.

CareFirst and Kaiser, the remaining two insurers offering individual plans, have requested rate increases ranging from 18.5% to 91.4%! This is the fourth consecutive year of record hikes under the broken system that is Obamacare.

But, solutions are possible.

HB 1509 creates a "Copper" Health Insurance Plan for people in the individual market. This plan eliminates many of the useless benefits mandated by Maryland state law, while still offering the 10 essential benefits in Obamacare. The fiscal note, which describes the cost of the Copper Plan, confirms that insurance premiums would decrease by 24%!

An estimated 174,000 people in Maryland do not qualify for Obamacare subsidies, but cannot afford health insurance due to its high cost.

The Copper Plan lowers health insurance premiums. Annapolis Progressives wouldn't even put the bill to a vote, so it died in committee.


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