Why is Maryland's economy improving, yet budget deficits loom year after year?

The answer is simple - 84% of Maryland's budget is spent prior to elected officials showing-up for work! This is called mandated spending. It's why budget deficits continue year after year, no matter how strong the economy.

Clearly, Annapolis has a spending problem. It's Groundhog Day again in Annapolis!

But there is more to this story. Overspending explains why Annapolis may try to keep your Federal Tax Cut. The Comptroller found that Maryland's aggressive tax code will increase taxes if Annapolis does nothing.

To that end, Governor Hogan introduced the Protecting Maryland Taxpayers Act, so as to protect Marylanders from a tax increase. I proudly co-sponsored this legislation.

We need to act now to Change Maryland and stop the reckless, mandated spending, so Marylanders can keep more of their hard-earned money.


Yours In Service,