Since launching my bid to serve a second term in the Maryland House of Delegates, I have had the opportunity to speak directly to thousands of Calvert residents to get their thoughts on what they see as the biggest challenges facing their families.

What I heard time and time again is that people are really frustrated by how expensive it is to live in Maryland.  In particular, people from all backgrounds, told me that one of their greatest concerns is that the state simply taxes and spends way too much.

The state's outrageous spending habits, including on wasteful and ineffective programs, leads it to increase taxes on the hardworking men & women of Maryland.  The O'Malley-Brown administration hit Maryland taxpayers with a record 40 tax increases!  These are exactly the kinds of fiscal policies driving long-time Marylanders out of our state.

Retirees and Seniors who have spent their lives working and raising a family here are forced out of the state because they simply cannot afford to stay here.  They are being taxed out of Maryland at a time when they need their family and friends the most.  I don't think that's fair!

I remain committed to working hard to roll back O'Malley's tax increases, and decrease spending in Annapolis.   I want to make sure that every Marylander who wants to stay here can afford to stay here!

If you want to join me in this fight, I urge you to click on the following link to view my campaign AD, and respectfully ask for your vote on November 4th.